Metering valves

Precision, repeatability, flexibility

Metering valves by DOPAG are used in all industry sectors for discharging low to high-viscosity media. They feature high precision and very high repeatability with regard to discharge quantity. These valves are available in different series and design sizes. Due to the variety of valve types, there is a perfectly suitable valve for each individual application.

DOPAG has a comprehensive range of metering valves that are used to apply accurately metered shots of media in many different processes and in a variety of industries, from the application of precision shots of oil or grease to automotive components to dosing silicone into cartridges. DOPAG metering valves are available in three different designs, all of which work on a volumetric principle. These can handle all types of media from low to high viscosity, such as adhesives, sealants, greases, oils, pastes and silicones. All DOPAG metering valves are pneumatically actuated and cover metered shot volumes of between 0.001ml and 100ml. To ensure that the metered volume of media is applied to the workpiece in exactly the right position, unique, purpose designed fixtures and adaptors are available.

Best selling dispensing & metering valves

  1. Chamber metering valves

    Chamber metering valves

    Chamber metering valves are used for dot application. They offer a wide range of shot sizes and feature a drip-free mechanism.

  2. Handheld metering valves

    Handheld metering valves

    DOPAG offers a variety of handheld metering valves for the manual dispensing of lubricants.

  3. Needle metering valves

    Needle metering valves

    Needle metering valves are ideal for applications requiring the application of small quantities with higher reproducibility and short cycle times.