Dispensing valves

Application of low to high viscosity media in a wide range of volumes

Dispensing valves by DOPAG are used in all industry sectors for discharging low to high-viscosity media. They feature high precision and very high repeatability with regard to discharge quantity. These valves are available in different series and design sizes. Due to the variety of valve types, there is a perfectly suitable valve for each individual application.

DOPAG produce a wide range of dispensing valves, used to apply many different single component materials, such as adhesives, sealants, greases and oils, fed under pressure from a pumping system. DOPAG dispensing valves are able to handle materials with viscosities up to 1,000,000 m Pas and will withstand pressures of between 150 and 250 bar, depending on the model chosen.

Products at glance

  1. High-Speed Valves

    High-Speed Valves

    The High-Speed Valve can be used to apply grease or oil to the workpiece from a distance of up to 120 mm without stringing.

  2. Membrane Dispensing Valves

    Membrane Dispensing Valves

    Membrane dispensing valves are used for for processing low to high viscosity media. They can be reactive, abrasive as well as chemically aggressive.

  3. Needle Dispensing Valves

    Needle Dispensing Valves

    Dispensing valves are used for processing low to high viscosity media.

  4. Shot Valves

    Shot Valves

    The Shot valve is an extremely fast switching valve. Short and long nozzle variants are available.

  5. Spray Valves

    Spray Valves

    The Spray valve is specifically designed for application of grease and oil.

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