DOPAG Metering Components and Pumps

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Metering pumps and components

Consistent results with DOPAG equipment for adhesives, lubricants and silicone

Metering components and pumps by DOPAG are used in various industries for applying low to high-viscosity media. They guarantee high precision and accurate repeatability regarding the discharged quantities.

The metering system requires either the use of a drum or a vessel pump for pumping the material out of the original containers to the metering station under pressure. There, the material is metered either via a metering valve or via an electrical volumetric meter.

DOPAG metering valves are available in different versions which are all based on the volumetric metering principle. These metering valves are capable of processing low to high-viscosity media such as adhesives, sealants, greases, oils, pastes, and silicones.

The electronic volumetric metering system, which features an unlimited volumetric metering capacity, is perfectly suited for metering systems with a discharge volume of more than 100 ml. It is also suited for machine or gearbox filling. The integrated metering quantity feedback is an ideal solution for automated applications.

Metering components and pumps at glance

  1. Cartridge chamber metering valves

    Cartridge chamber metering valves

    The chamber metering valve is constructed with a metering chamber, whose size is adjusted to the metering volume.

  2. Chamber Metering Valves

    Chamber Metering Valves

    The chamber metering valve is constructed with a metering chamber, whose size is adjusted to the metering volume.

  3. Flow meter

    Flow meter

    Volumetric flow meters measure the volume flow of liquids based on the gear principle.

  4. High-Speed Valves

    High-Speed Valves

    The High-Speed Valve can be used to apply grease or oil to the workpiece from a distance of up to 120 mm without stringing.

  5. Material Pressure Regulator

    Material Pressure Regulator

    DOPAG material pressure regulators reduce the pressure of the delivered material to the required working pressure.

  6. Membrane Dispensing Valves

    Membrane Dispensing Valves

    Membrane dispensing valves are used for for processing low to high viscosity media. They can be reactive, abrasive as well as chemically aggressive.

  7. Micro-Flow Sensor

    Micro-Flow Sensor

    The Micro-Flow Sensor is a flow detecting device, used within a semi or fully automated metering process, to detect whether material has been dispensed.

  8. Needle Dispensing Valves

    Needle Dispensing Valves

    Dispensing valves are used for processing low to high viscosity media.

  9. Needle Metering Valves

    Needle Metering Valves

    Needle metering valves are used for processing low to high viscosity media. The valve consists of two separated parts.

  10. Pumps for Adhesives and Sealants

    Pumps for Adhesives and Sealants

    DOPAG drum pumps are chop check pumps. They feed single component materials such as greases, oils, adhesives, sealing compounds, polyurethane, silicone etc. with viscosities up to 5.0 million mPa s directly from original containers.

  11. Pumps for Lubricants

    Pumps for Lubricants

    DOPAG has completely reengineered its product range in the area of drum pumps suiting the needs of its customers specifically having grease application in mind.

  12. Shot Valves

    Shot Valves

    The Shot valve is an extremely fast switching valve. Short and long nozzle variants are available.

  13. Spray Valves

    Spray Valves

    The Spray valve is specifically designed for application of grease and oil.

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