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  1. Exhibition | 21/05/19 - 24/05/19 | Guangzhou


    Meet DOPAG at Chinaplas and get to know intelligent metering and mixing solutions for packaging and the processing of plastics.

  2. Exhibition | 03/07/19 - 06/07/19 | Shanghai

    AMTS Shanghai

    Discover metering and mixing technology from DOPAG at Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Material Show.

  3. Exhibition | 03/09/19 - 05/09/19 | Shanghai

    China Composites Expo

    Get to know our dispensing solutions for composite manufacturing and visit us at China Composites Expo.

  4. Exhibition | 10/09/19 - 12/09/19 | Stuttgart

    Composites Europe

    Learn more about our solutions for the composites industry and talk to our experts at Composites Europe.

  5. Exhibition | 23/09/19 - 26/09/19 | Anaheim, CA

    CAMX Anaheim

    Come and talk with our experts at the CAMX, the composites and advanced materials expo in Anaheim (USA).

  6. Exhibition | 25/09/19 - 27/09/19 | New Delhi

    Productronica India

    Visit us at the Productronica India and discover our metering, mixing and dispensing solutions for potting applications.

  7. Exhibition | 10/10/19 - 12/10/19 | Shenzhen

    EMA Expo

    Discover metering and mixing technology from DOPAG at Electronics Manufacturing Automation Exhibition.

  8. Exhibition | 22/10/19 - 24/10/19 | Rosemont

    Assembly Show

    Learn more about our solutions for automated dispensing and meet our experts at the Assembly Show!

  9. DOPAG will be revealing a new product portfolio for the composites industry at the world's leading composites trade fair, the JEC World 2019.

  10. Meet DOPAG experts at this year’s exhibitions and find out what’s new in the world of metering, mixing and dispensing technology – the focus is on composites, potting and automation.

  11. Exhibition | 12/03/19 - 14/03/19 | Paris

    JEC World

    Meet us at one of the world's leading trade fairs in the composite materials industry - the JEC World in Paris.

  12. Exhibition | 20/03/19 - 22/03/19 | Shanghai

    Productronica China

    Learn more about our dispensing solutions for electronic potting and meet us at the Productronica China.


  1. Christmas donation from DOPAG helps St. Josef Children and Youth Home equip a new workshop facility.

  2. Customers in Eastern Europe now have the chance to test DOPAG technology on material of their choice and discuss the suitability of equipment recommended by DOPAG experts on dosing.

  3. Exhibition | 28/11/18 - 30/11/18 | Mumbai


    Discover our solutions for a wide range of applications and learn more from our experts at MatDispens exhibition.

  4. DOPAG specialises in the design and manufacture of unique dosing and mixing systems for automated applications of adhesive, sealing and potting compounds.

  5. Exhibition | 31/10/18 - 01/11/18 | Birmingham

    Advanced Engineering

    Meet us at the UK's largest meeting place for advanced engineering professionals.

  6. A joint workshop sees DOPAG and material manufacturers learn to anticipate future trends in the world of dispensing technology.

  7. 33 colleagues and sales partners from more than 15 countries took part in an intensive product training focused on lubrication at DOPAG Switzerland.

  8. Exhibition | 01/10/18 - 05/10/18 | Brno

    MSV Brno 2018

    Visit us at the most important industrial fair in Central Europe to discover our solutions for lubricant dosing.

  9. Exhibition | 16/10/18 - 20/10/18 | Friedrichshafen

    Fakuma 2018

    Discover metering and mixing technology from DOPAG at the Fakuma trade fair 2018.

  10. The international trade fair Fakuma will see DOPAG present dosing solutions for two different applications: the new dynamic mixing head and the LSR dosing system silcomix.

  11. As part of strengthening its presence in the field of LSR processing in the US, DOPAG will be attending the LSR Conference 2018 in Anaheim.

  12. The University of Kassel Polymer Application Center explores new possibilities with a new LSR metering and mixing system from DOPAG.

  13. Together with the injection moulding machine manufacturer ENGEL, DOPAG will show a live production of silicone products at the Plast 2018 trade fair in Milano, Italy.

  14. Over the past two and a half years, Rainer Kunkel has led the development of the new DOPAG automation business unit. He is now retiring from day-to-day-business.

  15. Meet DOPAG at the International Bonding Forum in Rapperswil and exchange experiences with our experts on the latest applications in the field of adhesive technology.

  16. E-mobility is one of the fast growing markets in China. DOPAG established itself as one of the leading suppliers of dispensing technology for the production of batteries.

  17. Exhibition | 11/09/18 - 13/09/18 | Anaheim

    LSR Conference 2018

    Come and talk with our experts about processing techniques of liquid silicone with DOPAG dispensing systems.

  18. Arburg and DOPAG France have been working together successfully for 25 years. In France, the new silcomix PE 200 now was connected to Arburg plants – a new step in the cooperation.

  19. The metering technology manufacturer will present its new dynamicLine product line for efficient gasketing, bonding and casting for the first time at Elecrama.

  20. Exhibition | 10/03/18 - 14/03/18 | Greater Noida, NCR


    Efficient, economical, reliable – DOPAG will present its brand-new product line for dynamic mixing, dynamicLine, for the first time at the Elecrama electronics.

  21. DOPAG will present its complete range of metering systems for the production of composite materials at JEC, the world’s largest composites exhibition, from 6-8 March in Paris.

  22. Exhibition | 14/03/18 - 16/03/18 | Shanghai

    Productronica China

    Learn more about our dispensing solutions for electronic potting and meet us at the Productronica China, one of the leading trade fairs for electronics production technology.

  23. Exhibition | 06/02/18 - 08/02/18 | Monterrey

    Expo Manufactura

    At the Expo Manufactura, DOPAG will presents intelligent metering, mixing and dispensing solutions for various applications and industries.


  1. DOPAG is further strengthening its global sales activities and founding a new subsidiary in the Czech Republic.
  2. Exhibition | 08/02/18 - 11/02/18 | New Delhi

    Auto Expo

    At the Auto Expo, DOPAG will presents intelligent metering, mixing and dispensing solutions for the automotive industry.

  3. DOPAG will be presenting technology for efficient production at the Bondexpo stand.

  4. Injection moulding machines manufacturers show the silcomix dosing system at International Plastic Fair Japan (IPF) in Tokio.

  5. The new design is unique on the market and simplifies operation while ensuring shorter setup times and greater system availability.

  6. DOPAG China received the award for "The Excellent Equipment Supplier for NEV Industry" at EV engineering forum.
  7. Exhibition | 09/10/17 - 12/10/17 | Stuttgart

    Bondexpo 2017

    Learn more about our automated solutions for bonding and sealing and meet our experts at Bondexpo 2017!

  8. Exhibition | 26/09/17 - 29/09/17 | Gdansk

    TRAKO 2017

    Meet our experts at TRAKO 2017 - International Railway Fair in Danzig and learn more about our solutions!

  9. DOPAG provides insights into automated metering systems for processing composite materials at Composites Europe 2017 trade fair.

  10. DOPAG further strengthens its international sales acitivites and invited new distributors for an intensive product and sales training.

  11. With the new "silcomix", DOPAG will introduce innovative LSR technology at Fakuma trade fair 2017. Visitors could view the processing of LSR materials live in an application.

  12. For over 90 years the HILGER & KERN GROUP has been a reliable partner for various key industries. The leading business segment is DOPAG metering and mixing technology.

  13. With the new silcomix and various activities DOPAG strengthens its position in the fast-growing LSR-market.

  14. DOPAG China captures the photovoltaic market and presented efficient metering, mixing and dispensing technology at the SNEC PV Power Expo 2017 trade fair in Shanghai.

  15. DOPAG is continuing its international growth strategy: New sales partners have been won in Eastern Europe.

  16. At "electronica China 2017" trade show DOPAG presented automated applications in metering and mixing technology.

  17. Exhibition | 21/03/17 - 23/03/17 | New-Delhi

    Automotive Engineering Show

    The Automotive Engineering Show connects vehicle and component makers with right technology that drives machine competency on the shop floor.

  18. Exhibition | 25/04/17 - 27/04/17 | New Delhi

    Windergy India

    Meet DOPAG at Windergy India and learn more about intelligent metering and mixing solutions for the production of rotor blades.

  19. Exhibition | 03/04/17 - 06/04/17 | Chicago


    Automate is the largest solutions-based showcase of automation technologies in North America.

  20. DOPAG presents the metering system coredis on the worldwide largest composites trade fair JEC World. The system is used in the production of aircraft interior equipment.

  21. Especially for metering applications in the automobile industry DOPAG developped the lubriLine product family.

  22. In the Smart Production Network DOPAG is pushing ahead the subject “Industry 4.0” together with more than 40 other companies.


  1. Award for metering technology manufacturer DOPAG and FLT: piston metering and mixing system vectomix completes new portal robot for jointing CFRP structures.

  2. The Annual Safest Aviation Product Award 2016 honors DOPAG’s high-end equipment manufacturing capabilities within the aerospace industry.

  3. DOPAG presents itself with a new corporate design as an innovative leader within the industry and an attractive employer.

  4. Exhibition | 10/01/17 - 12/01/17 | Mumbai


    The ICERP Exhibtion is the biggest event on Composites in India and the second largest Event in Asia.

  5. Exhibition | 02/11/16 - 04/11/16 | China Int'l Exhibition Center, Beijing

    EP China

    Established in 1986, EP China has become one of the largest and the most reputable electric power exhibition worldwide.

  6. DOPAG celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. On the occasion of this milestone, the company will receive a new image which will be presented in October at "Bondexpo", trade fair for industrial bonding technology in Stuttgart, Germany.

  7. Exhibition | 25/10/16 - 27/10/16 | München


    AIRTEC shows the entire aerospace supply chain from design, engineering, testing, simulation via materials, production, tools, components and systems, electronics, avionics, sensors up to lifecycle support at one exhibition place.

  8. For any applications regarding bonding and sealing DOPAG will provide turnkey solutions for process-integrated, automated bonding and sealing.

  9. DOPAG Shanghai attracts due to sustainable success, a growing number of employees and steadily increasing sales to larger premises. Also includes a large storage area that provides both space for experimental (pilot) and is used as a warehouse. So could the establishment of pure sales office grow to a site with complete infrastructure and development potential.

  10. During the international trade fair AUTOMATICA in Munich the „Gantry Robot with Sealing Application“ won the MM Award. The system consists of an FLT robot and a Vectomix metering and mixing unit by DOPAG.

  11. On the occasion of the Composites Europe, Jens Bölke, Key Market Manager Aerospace & Composites at Hilger u. Kern / Dopag Group, received the AVK Innovation Award together with the partners Airbus and DRL (German aeronautics and space research center).

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