Precise processing and accurate application

Dosing Systems for your Application

Solutions for the dispensing of adhesives, lubricants or sealants

The materials to be processed require different demands on the metering and mixing equipment. DOPAG offers individual solutions for the precision processing and accurate application.

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Applications at a glance

  1. Whether it be racks, headrests, door locks or just the wheel bearings in automobiles, all must be greased. DOPAG provides the optimum metering system for each of these applications.

  2. Bonding and sealing is becoming an increasingly popular method of joining components without screws. With DOPAG systems, applications can be realized reliable and precise.

  3. In Potting, resins such as silicones, polyurethanes or epoxy resins are used in liquid form. For the production process, DOPAG offers various metering and mixing systems.

  4. There are different manufacturing processes involved in the production of fibre-reinforced plastics: RTM, RIM and Filament Winding. DOPAG offers solutions for all three.

  5. The demand for silicone products made by injection molding of liquid silicone, is continually increasing. For the processing, DOPAG has developed the silcomix metering and mixing system.

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