Adhesive pumps for industrial applications

Reliable and clean feeding directly from original containers

This drum pump model is available exclusively as a double-acting chop check pump. Along with greases and oils, it also processes adhesives, sealants, polyurethanes or silicones with viscosities of up to 5.0 million mPas. Material is fed directly from the original containers. The piston pump is ideal for individual station material supply and it serves equally well as a central material supply system. The pumps in this range are modular, robust, economical, extremely reliable and easy to maintain and service.


  • Supply of medium to high viscosity material
  • Flow rate up to 6 litres/minute at 20 double strokes
  • Pressure ratio up to 75:1
  • Max. viscosity 5 million mPas
  • Differential piston pumps with fast-switching air motors
  • 1- or 2-hand operation
  • Modular design with configurable components
  • Sealing available in various sizes and material finishes

Level Monitoring

The integrated control unit ensures that the pump does not draw in air when the drum is empty. When the minimum level is reached the pump will shut down automatically. An audible alarm is emitted when the drum becomes empty.


  • External valves
  • The drum pump P200 can be supplied with external valves.
  • This new design offers the advantage of being able to carry out service and maintenance work on the pump without having to drain the system.
  • Wetted parts made of stainless steel or with specific surface treatment
  • Available in economy version for use with grease and oils.

Tandem Pumps

All DOPAG pumps are available in a tandem version. Featuring an automatic mechanism that switches between the pumps, container change with these pumps doesn't interrupt the production process.

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Bung-mounted pump with cover plate

When processing low viscosity materials, a follower plate is not necessary for priming purposes.

The cover plate is used only as a protection against contamination of the medium to be fed.

Drum pump with follower plate

A drum pump with a follower plate is used for processing materials to high-viscosity media. The follower plate is made of aluminium, steel or cast iron.

The follower plate is manufactured with elastomer wipers for efficiently wiping the inside walls of the drum clean during use. The wipers adjust to the diameter of the container.

Technical specifications

Basic version P10 P30 P80 P200
Tandem-/ double drum pump - X X X
Pump with stand X - - -
One hand control X X X X
Two hand control - X X X
Pressure ratio (drive) 11:1/37:1 33:1 56:1 37:1/48:1/56:1
Flow rate
(with 20 double strokes)
0.29/0.095 0.64 0.61 6/3/0.6
Material viscosity
(ball valve pump/
chop check pump)
mPa s
0.2/0.8 M 2.5 M 2.5 M 2.5/5.0 M
Working pressure
20-160 (250) 20-160 (250) 20-250 (315) 20-250 (400)
Air consumption at 20 double strokes
22 142 220 220-1400
Dimensions baseplate (A x B)
410 x 300 610 x 500 610 x 500 900 x 600
Height retracted
870/777 1060 1400 1650
Height extended
1100/1127 1540 2200 2600
Weight without container
17.5/22 60/67 65/72 165/185
Maximum container height
400/340 450 750 880
Maximum container size
10 30 80 200
Maximum container-Ø outsize
315 455 440 575
Cartridge-Ø min. / max.
40-51 - - -